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2 Responses to What’s On

  1. james says:

    Hello Hetherington

    I’d recently dropped by and spoke with Daniel about a possible gig in your building. The Love Music-Hate Racism organisation indicated that it could go ahead on May 7.

    Please let’s know if there’s any interest and health/safety issues. I’ll need to contact them in the next few days.

    Best wishes for the sit-in.


  2. Hi Hethrington Folks,

    I rang today about visiting you as part of a joint info-tour we are currently organising. In May, members of the Beehive Collective will be touring Scotland with Coal Action Scotland to present “The True Cost of Coal” to community and campaign groups.

    The Beehive Collective create portable murals of collaboratively produced illustrations with an amazingly engaging central narrative.

    ‘The True Cost of Coal’ will take you on an interactive visual tour of the connections between Coal Mining, Climate Change, the Ever Expanding Capitalist Economy, and the Struggle for Justice in Appalachia, North America and throughout the world.

    ‘The True Cost of Coal’ is a recently completed project by the Beehive Collective, learn how the art work is created by the collective and how they use their posters to run community workshop and for storytelling. The True Cost of Coal poster they have produced is quite staggering – check it out at:http://www.beehivecollective.org/english/coal.htm

    We’d like to come on the 18th of May if possible at about 7:30pm. I’ve posted a promotional poster for the event to your facebook wall, but if you have an email address I can send the file to you that way aswell.

    In Solidarity Coal Action Scotland.

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