What We Offer

The Free Hetherington is an open, friendly space for Glasgow University students, staff and local people to meet, eat and study.

We have free tea and coffee (with a donations bucket), a great crowd of sociable people, and quiet space for studying.

We run a variety of fun and educational events.

We have a meeting space that can be booked by student societies and a growing library of donated books.

More than anything else, we offer a place that is run participatively, a place where we all chip in to do the dishes and we all have say in how things are run.

Join the community – come see us.


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5 Responses to What We Offer

  1. Ross Clark says:


    I really like what you guys are doing with the building, and I’d like to donate some of my books to your library. Is there a good time to come along? I was thinking next week at some point.

    Ross Clark (4th year earth science student)

  2. Bobby Black says:

    Its a hard kick up the bottom you children all need.

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