Strathclyde University goes into occupation!

We are delighted to let you know that our fellow students at
Strathclyde University have today begun an occupation against cuts
being rushed through.  Management at Strathclyde have been pushing
through attacks on applied music, geography, sociology and community
education.  In addition a ridiculously brief “consultation” was only
recently announced, outside of term time.

We have been working with Strathclyde staff and students, and last
week sent out a joint press release as well as holding the joint
demonstration that many of you participated in.…

Please get along to join the Strathclyde occupation if you can.
They’re on the 5th floor of the Graham Hills building. 50 George St.
They have freedom of access and desperately need more people.

Please check!/glasgowoccupied for updates as to
how this will affect us at the Free Hetherington.  Particularly, we
are considering moving tonight’s pub quiz there so please keep an eye
out if you’re planning on coming to that or the Anarchist discussion
this evening.

To follow unfolding events :
#strathSOS on twitter!/search?q=%23strathsos

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Email on Senate list querying the legality of Court’s decision

The below email has been widely forwarded around the university as it neatly argues that from a legal (as well as moral) standpoint the court should not overrule decisions made by senate about courses, but merely provide financial oversight.

I am a relatively new member of Senate, but I am sure I am not the only member, who having attended the last Senate meeting is somewhat surprised at the decisions of Court which were announced on the front page of the Glasgow Herald yesterday. Continue reading

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Hannah’s speech at the rally outside the Court meeting yesterday

My name is Hannah and I’m a languages student at Glasgow University. I’ve been involved with the Hetherington Occupation since its first week after getting into anti-cuts activity before Christmas. When I took part in a one night occupation of the Gilmorehill theatre in December, I was so amazed by the passion and dedication of the people involved in the campaign and I knew it was a fight I needed to join. Marching into the city centre with people I’d only known a day, and feeling that we were all working towards something really important, I became convinced that this was a fight we could win. So when the Hetherington building, which had sat empty and unloved for a year, was reopened by some of the same amazing people in February, I had to be involved. Being a part of this campaign, and of that space, has been a huge part of my life during this last semester and in it I have found so many incredible people who are committed to fighting for education and community. I’ve made literally dozens of new friends, but more importantly I’ve learned a lot and had my eyes opened to the fact that when we work together from the ground up, we can genuinely make a difference on a big scale. Continue reading

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Court approved management destructive restructuring

The Senior Management at the University of Glasgow have bulldozed ahead with their destructive restructuring despite admitting a financial surplus this year of 18 million pounds. No value has been given to learning for education’s sake. Continue reading

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Lively demonstration at Glasgow Uni before setting off across town to join simultaneous demonstration at Strathclyde Uni

After four months in occupation our campaign came to a very angry, defiant head today…

The day began with us all milling around casually, putting the finishing touches to our banners and slogans, and patting ourselves on the back for our page 4 article in The Times (thank-you-very-much). We had made extra cake especially for the occasion, and those who had rushed out of bed without breakfast grabbed it hungrily. The samba drums practised gently in the background, lifting people’s spirits and getting the adrenaline going. Continue reading

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But I Don’t Feel Privileged: Social Justice Politics for Absolute Beginners

For a male, white, straight, cis1 or similarly advantaged person coming into contact with social justice politics for the first time, it can feel like a personal attack. Words like ‘privilege’ can seem like they blame the individual for something over which they had no control. This short guide aims to explain social justice politics (sometimes called identity politics) and the privilege model from the ground up. Continue reading

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Quotes Against Cuts

As we build up to the demonstration tomorrow, we have received many supportive statements and arguments from students, staff, politicians and other supporters. Here are a few of our favourites:

“The staff running the Adult and Continuning Education programme (DACE) were delighted at the tremendous public support shown by staff and students alike for this programme to continue. They are also pleased that the University’s consultation group saw fit to recommend that the programme should continue to run after all. A number of changes have been recommended, some of which we have no problem with. Our main concern is the proposal to remove our share of the teaching grant and that we should become ‘self-sufficient’ within three years. We are completely opposed to this. We will have to wait and see the detail before we are sure of its significance. One interpretation is that it will effectively lead to a privatisation of the programme, though we have been asured we are not being set up to fail. We are working constructively with the recommended changes – we recognise that the consultation group had a lot of positive things to say – but we have communicated clearly our concerns and remain very alert to the potential problems and dangers lying ahead.” — Liam Kane, Senior Lecturer (Social Justice Place and Lifelong Education) Continue reading

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