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The Free Hetherington is situated on Glasgow University Campus, at 13 University Gardens, just off University Avenue, near the Queen Margaret Union.

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Our phone number is 0141 339 3765

Come by for a free cup of tea or coffee!

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  2. Hey folks

    I am writing on behalf of the Glasgow Zeitgeist Movement chapter. We are currently forming, and have not agreed on a place where to hold our first meeting. Thus we were wondering, if the Free Hetherington would be willing to provide us an uncommercial space for our needs. For our first meeting we are not expecting more than 10 attendees.
    If for some reason, for example the fact that we are not postgraduates of the university, it should not be a good idea to meet at the Free Hetherington, We’d be grateful for any hints where else in Glasgow we would be able to find a location which is in line with our world view.

    Let us know what you think. More information on who we are:

    Best wishes

    • ewanm says:

      michael, where is your first meeting? I would like to attend. I have seen all of the films and have some questions.


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  15. Jack Littlejohn says:

    Glasgow Speaker’s corner opportunity

    Dear The Free The Hetherington Group

    I represent a newly created company called Humanity Shift. Our central aim within the company is to create a cultural change throughout Britain, initially starting in Glasgow. Our aim is to inspire people to become inter-dependent, creative and free. In order to aid these goals we have begun plans on several events; such as political assemblies, exercise programs, events for the homeless community and the creation of a speaker’s corner.
    We are currently working with the speaker’s corner trust and aim to hold the first day of Glasgow speaker’s corner on the 10th of July, and every Sunday thereafter, located in Botanic Gardens in the West End of Glasgow.

    The Glasgow speaker’s corner will use a very similar template to the speaker’s corner in Hyde Park, London: Providing a non-profit, freewheeling forum of verbal discussion on an array of different issues between locals and visitors alike. For over 150 years, the speaker’s Corner in London has been one of the most unique and eccentric attractions of the city. Previous Speakers have included; Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, William Morris, and many other influential figures.

    We would now like to offer your organisation the opportunity to be one of the initial speakers in the opening month of Glasgow’s speaker’s corner. An opportunity to engage, inform and wherever possible, entertain your fellow citizens on a subject of your choice. So far we have secured several speakers to speak in the opening month of the corner, ranging from university teachers and local politicians to faith leaders.

    The prospect of being an the initial speaker at the speaker’s corner in Glasgow would enable you to voice your opinion and to influence your fellow citizens as well as promoting public debate and active citizenship, which is essential to rebuilding trust and participation in Britain’s civil society and developing vibrant civil institutions. Thus we envision Glasgow’s speaker’s corner becoming an influential and long lasting aspect of Glasgow. We see your organisation as an ideal candidate to participate in in the creation of this institution, and would love for your involvement.

    Speech’s can be on any issue you wish and for however long you like, the dates available are the 10th, 17th, 24th and the 31st between the time of 11am and 4pm.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jack Littlejohn


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