Who We Are

On 1st February 2011 we reopened the Hetherington Research Club as “the Free Hetherington”, an open, friendly, community space for staff, students and supporters. University management had closed it last year, rejecting business plans that could have saved this vital resource.

We believe that the Hetherington is an essential part of the community, and could not allow it to remain closed. We believe that, in this age of austerity and cut-backs, we as citizens should fight to keep the services and community spaces we need and deserve.

Come visit us for tea, coffee, discussion and events.


4 Responses to Who We Are

  1. Dean says:

    Editor of Freedom here (UK’s regular anarchist newspaper). Excellent news about the occupation – we put a photo on the cover of the latest issue of the paper: http://www.freedompress.org.uk/news/wp-content/uploads/Freedom-Front-Cover-7203.jpg

    Solidarity from london anarchists


    • fleabite says:

      Hey Dean.

      Cheers for the front page. 🙂 What did you think of how demands, btw?

      Can you send us up a few copies? I’ll email you an address. Back issues would be awesome too.


  2. Neil Campau says:

    HI! I maintain a list of diy/rad spaces around the world. It’s http://www.dodiy.org. Wanna be on it? Check it & lemmeknow. THANKS! in solidarity, NEIL

  3. dialectogram says:

    Hi there

    I am an artist who works extensively with communities to produce large and complex drawings called dialectograms ( you can see examples at http://www.dialectograms.co.uk). They capture experiences of places and people from ground level , describing places and situations as people see and perceive them. They are big gnarly artwork and genuine document of a time and place. Of late, I have been working with tenants of Red Road to record their experiences there.

    I was wondering what you would think about the possibility of recording some of what has been happening at the Hetherington in this way? I could do a ground plan that shows the activities and records some of the thoughts and feelings of those who have been involved in the action there. I would of course, do this absolutely free, as a way of supporting and documenting the campaign, and would give the campaign a print of the drawing and electronic copy for its own purposes. The original, like all dialectogram is given to the People’s Palace Museum with strict instructions not to be sold, but kept as a record of a particular phenomenon within the city.

    If this sounds of interest, I’d be happy to discuss it more – I can be contacted easily via the blog.

    Best of luck!

    Mitch Miller

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