Minutes occupation meeting 4th July 2011

Minutes occupation meeting 4th July 2011Facilitator: Glen

Minutes: Kiwi John


Rich apologised for damaging the kitchen door.

Minutes of last meeting

Heather ran through the minutes of the previous meeting (20th June 2011).

An action item to hold a discussion on transgender issues (with GU’s LGBT society invited) had not yet been actioned; Heather explained that this was ongoing but would not happen in the immediate future.

An action item to hold a discussion about mental health and/or create a support group for people affected by mental health issues had not yet been actioned; Glen explained that this was ongoing as the idea had encountered resistance outwith the occupation meeting.

Summer School

Alice said that she felt that the Summer School would be easy to start up again, Tom and Jo have contacts, and that it could be held at the beginning of August. After a brief discussion about the reappraisal session, Alice proposed that “the Summer School be held at the end of August subject to decisions made in any reappraisal sessions and/or occupation meetings”. Before a vote could be held, Mhairi proposed that the meeting should discuss reappraisal sessions before discussing the Summer School: there was consensus for Mhairi’s proposal.


Kiwi John talked about the previous reappraisal session, and explained that there might be further proposals to develop, that there were certainly resourcing issues to consider, and that we could have – instead of another, long reappraisal session – a series of small meetings at varying times. Mhairi suggested instead a “twin track” approach: establish a working group to discuss proposals and resourcing, while simultaneously building involvement in the reappraisal process. After a discussion Mhairi proposed that (1) a working group be established to carry forward the reappraisal work, (2) the working group report back at an occupation meeting by the end of next week, and (3) that a rota be created. Mhairi’s proposal passed with one vote against and no abstentions.


Heather requested people to help on the grievances committee, Rich volunteered, and Heather asked for further volunteers.

Heather spoke briefly about the grievance committee that had met earlier in the day, specifically on the composition of the committee and the decision taken by the committee (recorded elsewhere).

There was a discussion around grievance committee processes, and a consensus emerged that communications with the wider community are vitally important, and that we should continue to prioritise the grievance process.


Liam T asked that people be more careful with routine security (e.g. ensure that the front door is closed when not in use, etc). Heather asked that we ensure we have regular occupation meetings.

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