Strathclyde University goes into occupation!

We are delighted to let you know that our fellow students at
Strathclyde University have today begun an occupation against cuts
being rushed through.  Management at Strathclyde have been pushing
through attacks on applied music, geography, sociology and community
education.  In addition a ridiculously brief “consultation” was only
recently announced, outside of term time.

We have been working with Strathclyde staff and students, and last
week sent out a joint press release as well as holding the joint
demonstration that many of you participated in.…

Please get along to join the Strathclyde occupation if you can.
They’re on the 5th floor of the Graham Hills building. 50 George St.
They have freedom of access and desperately need more people.

Please check!/glasgowoccupied for updates as to
how this will affect us at the Free Hetherington.  Particularly, we
are considering moving tonight’s pub quiz there so please keep an eye
out if you’re planning on coming to that or the Anarchist discussion
this evening.

To follow unfolding events :
#strathSOS on twitter!/search?q=%23strathsos

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2 Responses to Strathclyde University goes into occupation!

  1. mick says:

    Doesn’t this undermine your argument that about Glasgow university making ideologically motivated cuts when other universities are also doing cuts?

    • fleabite says:

      Does the fact that other countries are using the excuse of the “crisis” to bring in neoliberal reforms undermine the fact that the Tories want to attack the NHS anyway and these are ideological cuts rather than motivated by necessity? No of course not!

      At both Glasgow Uni and Strathclyde similar subjects and demographics of students are under assault. Compare community education at Strathclyde, with the Department of Adult and Continuing Education (DACE) at Glasgow, or Crichton Campus, which was explicitly set up to extend the opportunity of higher education to rural Dumfries

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