Court approved management destructive restructuring

The Senior Management at the University of Glasgow have bulldozed ahead with their destructive restructuring despite admitting a financial surplus this year of 18 million pounds. No value has been given to learning for education’s sake. We’re profoundly disappointed in the University of Glasgow’s Court decision to place corporate interests ahead of academic considerations and the educational needs of the people of Scotland.  All recommendations have been accepted by the court.

Throughout this campaign, we’ve shown what we can achieve and we will keep fighting, as this struggle is not over.  We need a University run by and for academic reasons.  That values learning, education and knowledge and is democratic both in how decisions are made, but also by being accessible to all members of society, irrespective of social or economic background.

Through the closure of the Liberal Arts at Dumfries (the only Humanities course at Crichton Campus) and removing funding from DACE, the University is ignoring its responsibility to its local community.  For this reason, these cuts are far-reaching and have implications for Scotland nationwide.

However, since the consultation process began, many course have been saved such as anthropology, archaeology and classics, languages, due to the hard work of students, staff and of the local community, who have campaigned diligently.

“We are incredibly disappointed and believe that the court’s short-sighted decision will damage beyond repair the future of the Crichton Campus and the Dumfries and Galloway region.  The consultation was both flawed and biased.  It seems the university has ceased to consider its students, academic staff or the intrinsic worth of education in its quest for Russell Group prestige and most importantly profit.  We will continue to fight against this wrongheaded decision.”  Ceris Aston.  Liberal Arts student at Crichton Campus, Dumfries

“We’ll carry on fighting. Without the Liberal Arts degree, South West Scotland will be without any arts of humanities programmes. We deserve better.” Dr Benjamin Franks, UCU Rep and Lecturer in Social and Political Philosophy at Crichton Campus, Dumfries

“Obviously I’m pleased that all the hard work put in by students has shown the University why their plans to cut and merge courses were wrong, and generally the outcomes of the Court meeting today are proof of that. But there are still concerns over DACE, Nursing and Slavonic Studies as to where they go in the future, so we need to ensure students stay engaged and continue to argue the case for why these subject areas still contribute hugely to the student experience at Glasgow.”  Tommy Gore SRC President

“The backdoor cutting of Slavonic Studies, delaying it by a year rather than the next academic session and pending review in September, has widespread implications not only on effective cultural discourse and diplomacy regarding Central & Eastern Europe, but on democracy at University of Glasgow itself. By Court ‘recognising’ the importance of Slavonics and advocating hollow compromise, they set a precedent for cuts through the backdoor and go against an overwhelming vote of support for Slavonics by Senate and UCU members. Cuts to our department will have a distinct knock-on affect for students of Comparative Literature, Politics and CEES.  We endeavor to challenge this cultural and academic vandalism which aims to turn Glasgow from an institution of critical thinking and analysis into an elite business school where minority regions, languages and subjects are compromised in the pursue of profit.”  Sam Beaton.  Slavonic Studies Undergraduate Student

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2 Responses to Court approved management destructive restructuring

  1. Jenny B says:

    So disappointed about DACE. Need to keep this lifeline open for the wider community in Glasgow who can’t afford to take a University course any other way.

  2. Alfons Romero says:

    Could somebody explain what has happened to DACE – specifically – please? As far as I understood it, the open programme is remaining open – so far so good right?

    Can’t find any information to the contrary – if somebody else knows better please let me know.

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