Minutes occupation meeting 20th June 2011

Meeting Minutes 20-06-2011

Facilitating – Glen
Minuting – Heather
Stack – Suzi

-Facebook Conduct
– Women Only Meeting
– Cake Stall


12 pm – Meet at Free Hetherington
1 pm – Main Building rally
1.30 pm – UCU flagpole rally

Strathclyde demo – Meeting on Wednesday morning to decide what to do.

Facebook Conduct

P – All admins on the private but not secure facebook group stay as admins. New admins become approved by the group. Admins have “Supreme Power” to moderate group and delete threads when they are unproductive and breaking the Safer Spaces Policy. PASSED.

Inclusion of people who are not on facebook – Use mailing list and Google calendars.

Suggested that we have some sort of workshop on feminism and issues related to it. To be discussed at next meeting.

Women’s Only Meeting / Feminist Blether

P – When emailing people about using the space for events we add a link to our safer spaces policy and saying that we are willing to clarify it if necessary. PASSED.

A – Put our Safer Spaces Policy on the blog. – Liam T

P – We have a trans- and cis- gender discussion and invite the LGBT society. PASSED.

A – Organise the gender discussion / Workshop – Heather

Cake! 🙂

Cake stall outside the Free Hetherington from 11am on Wednesday, and at flagpole later in the demo.

People are needed to help at this and to make cake on Tuesday night.

P – Make it clear to people that the cakes are vegan – A sign or label. PASSED.


Glen starting a Mental health support / awareness group. See him for more details.

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