occupation meeting minutes 15th june

Occupation meeting 15th june

not quorate (NB more folks arrived and we became quorate at beginning of point 2)


1) appraisal meeting – short discussion about it and how it should lead into discussion with management. Format was discussed. Small groups. Time limited discussions. Well facilitated. (To join working group contact kiwi John). Should it have decision making power? Definitely action points should come out of it.


2) Discussion with management.

A/P Ellie M to speak with Tom etc to find out what’s going on with postgraduate space group.

A/P Maria will ask around in College of Arts to find out what is known about suggestions for the place.


Should try and get as many people as possible along to appraisal meeting on 25th.


Decision passed – will get back to Newall suggesting date after 25th and Sandra White to facilitate.

A/P Amy to contact Sandra White to check if shes up for facilitating.

A/P Liam M will write email to Newall after he hears back from Amy


A/P short run of occupation leaflets to be produced – £10 / 1000


3) Open Day.

Folks to help clean up tonight. And on stall tomorrow.


A/P Chloe and Heather to make posters for front posts for tomorrow.

A/P Liam T to help make timeline to be drawn on whiteboard and will print out photos to stick on it.


4) AOB

Iain M is going to organise a gig for some cool folk dude


Maria’s friend will be doing some graphics / display some paintings around the space.


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