Write to them – lobby your councillors about the cuts at the University of Glasgow

Although many of the destructive cuts that the University of Glasgow’s senior management proposed in February have been defeated, the country’s only centre for Slavonic Studies, the only humanities course available in Dumfries,  the Centre for Drug-Misuse Research are all still threatened with closure, while the Department for Adult and Continuing Education faces losing its public funding and Nursing has merely been granted a year’s reprieve thus far.

The University Court will be voting on the proposed cuts on the 22nd of June, and we will be holding a rally on that day to express our concerns. In the meantime we want to keep up the pressure so that the senior management know that the departments under threat are not isolated and alone, and that the wider Glasgow community care about what is happening at our oldest University.

Please consider helping by writing to your councillors. Here’s how!

1) Put your postcode into Write To Them and pick your councillors – you will have 3 or 4.

2) Use your own words to let them know why you think that they should care about the University’s senior management’s plans.  At the bottom of the page are some ideas of what you might like to write about. Ask your councillors to

– Make public statements against the University’s cuts because of the effects the cuts will have on their constituents

– Write directly to the Principal, Anton Muscatelli –

0141 330 5995

Principal’s Office
Main Building
Glasgow G12 8QQ

3) Email us at glasgowoccupation@gmail.com to let us know which ward you are in so that we can keep track of which councillors still need contacted.

4) Let us know what responses you get from them.

The city as a whole benefits from the University of Glasgow and has a stake in it continuing to offer a full range of programmes

– Increases the employability of residents

– Brings young, skilled workers to the city

– Increases cultural diversity

– Raises profile of Glasgow internationally

– Enables those who could not afford to leave home to still attend a world class university.


– Addresses the 2nd of Glasgow City Council’s 5 key objectives : “Increasing access to lifelong learning ”

– Offers everyone in the city the opportunity to study at a world class university.

– Glasgow has a long tradition of democratic education and everyone in our city should have a right to access quality education, whatever their background or experience.

Slavonic Studies

– Glasgow is the only University in Scotland to offer Czech and Polish, and one of only three to offer Russian.

– The University’s Department of Central and Eastern European Studies is a Centre of Excellence, recognised as one of the world’s leading centres for research and teaching in its field.


– Has featured in the top ten of the universities that educate nurses for the last 3 years

– Has a 100% rating for student satisfaction.

– The school is ranked first in the UK in the National Student Survey.

– Addresses the 5th of Glasgow City Council’s 5 key objectives : “Improving health and well-being ”

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