Occupation meeting minutes. 1st June 2011

Occupation meeting minutes. 1st June 2011

Quorate (10 folkses)

Last meeting’s minutes matters arising

Projector bulb – A/P Jonathan and Alice

1) Strathclyde demo. Assemble 11am at the free hetherington to get leaflets or straight at 12 noon outside the strathclyde student union. Bring megaphones, leaflets for 22nd, banners and PEOPLE!

2) Wake up time. Much discussion! Espec around change previous agreement that the far end of the upstairs be always a quiet space for folks to take a rest.

Proposal passed – the meeting room end of the upstairs to be cleared by 10am.

To be discussed on Monday – changing previous rule that far end of upstairs no longer be permanently available as quiet/lying down space. Should we put up a curtain/partition?

Also to be discussed on Monday is moving opening time to 10am.

3) Defence working group – they will coordinate a meeting. Please speak to Jonathan or Chloe to get involved.

4) Gordon McKenzie. Informal discussion happened outside earlier about our future. To be discussed on Monday – what if any our

5) Piano. Numerous attempts at tuning it have failed as it is No Longer A Piano. ? use it as part of clowning action? Definitely everyone at the meeting wanted rid of it!

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