Occupation meeting minutes. 30th May 2011

Occupation meeting. 30th May 2011

Quorate – 17 in attendance.


1) FH Publicity working group – text for general leaflet about hetherington has been drafted. Is circulating – will be pasted below. Is an email list and weekly meetings every wednesday at 8pm. Get involved! Email carey dot davies at yahoo dot co dot uk (Minute taker note – email address written like that to save his email address being picked up by spammers)


2) GAEC meeting – was actioned a few weeks ago but hasn’t happened – still worthwhile? Decided no urgency so postponed til after 22nd june.


3) Grievance working group feedback. Need more people involved. Please contact Glen. Grievance procedure ongoing against an individual and will be heard next week.


4) Project Acquire New Projector bulb – A/P Alice, Jonathan and Liam McCombes


5) Diary – please put your contact details in if you book an event in case there are problems. A/P Tom will make signage on diaries with guidelines on booking events.


6) Coalition of Resistance – launch meeting in Glasgow will be 9th June. Pre launch organising meeting. Thurs 2nd June. FBU offices, in St Enoch. 7 or 7:30 – not exactly clear what time. Decision – we will request a speaker – passed. A/P to go to planning meeting – Liam M, James N, Chloe. Meet 6pm in the times square bar to go with them.


7) Strathclyde demo. Thurs 12 noon outside Strathclyde Union. Important that we go and show support for them. Also let them know about 22nd.


8) Waking up time – postponed til Wednesday meeting as short on time today.


9) 22nd demo. Regular meetings to plan strategy etc proposed. Wednesday 6-8pm is a broad interdepartmental campaign meeting. 12 noon this Wednesday – meet at Free Hetherington for first one of the weekly Wednesday actions and to launch campaign. Please come – media are invited. Is the “Quit It Picket” – light hearted and fun. “Cuts are addictive – stop now before its too late”.

Tomorrow – picket Gifford Lecture. Please come along. General strategy meeting 1pm tomorrow (Tuesday). 11Am Wednesday media briefing. Please contact Suzy if you are a Glas Uni student/staff willing to speak to media on Wednesday.




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