Protest as the Uni Court decides on cuts: 22 June

In February, the full extent of the first round of cuts at Glasgow University was revealed, including plans to axe Nursing, Social Work, the Department of Adult and Continuing Education, Anthropology, several modern languages and humanities courses at Crichton Campus. These proposals, the first £3m of planned £20m ‘savings’ over the next three years, will change the face of the university forever, and sparked uproar across Scottish society when they were announced, with 2000 joining a demonstration at the uni.

Following a flawed consultation process – which was slammed by the SRC, the University Senate, trade unions and even the Scottish Government – the University Court will make its final decision on what courses, jobs and departments are to be cut at its next meeting at 2pm on Wednesday 22 June.

It is essential that as many students, staff and supporters come out for a huge show of force against the cuts on the day. Management are already wavering, with it being recently reported that DACE may be saved from the axe, and that the merger of History and Archaeology is unlikely to proceed.

All out on 22 June!

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