Occupation meeting minutes 23rd May 2011

Facilitator: GH
Minutes: LT

1)  Minutes from last meeting: GAEC meeting – LT to take over
Sale/donations of booze – re-added to this meeting

2) Grievance procedure: has been drafted by GH, this meeting to discuss. From then, grievances will be kept out of occupation general meetings, and become responsibility of grievance committee. Discussions about ongoing grievances should not take place within the building; committee members must not leak information nor discuss with others relating to ongoing action. Some issues with procedure in its current composition; working group will have a look at it again and amend as they see fit. Grievances working group will meet Tuesday 24 May at 5pm. Grievance processes will not be able to be completed by tomorrow as those currently suspended were previously informed. Working group will contact these people.

3) Building for the march on 22 June: we have a month. Need to mobilise people, contact different departmental campaigns etc. AD has emailed Mike Russell about getting a meeting ahead of the 22nd. Now looks like the consultation panels will recommend saving/partially saving /delaying languages, DACE and nursing.

30 June strikes – possibility of UCU action. PCS workers likely to be out.

Start publicity for 22 June demo: postering, flyering etc. Need printing done. Meeting approves spending £25 on printing.

4) Gifford Lecture ‘The Role of the University in the 21st Century’ – seminar next Tuesday 31 May, 5.30pm, organised by uni. Idea put forward to leaflet, plan an intervention from the Hetherington.

5) UK Uncut: action planned this Saturday in Glasgow, NHS theme. Organising meeting this Wednesday at Hetherington, 7pm.

6) Minutes – discussion around continued publication but to continue to publish on blog.

7)  Fundraising: pass tins around meetings etc. Encourage people to donate food each time they come to the building. Avoid compulsion, but perhaps suggest amounts?

8) FH Banner: WHERE IZ IT?!?! [happy to report it has since been retrieved – LT]

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