Occupation meeting minutes 18th May 2011

FH Minutes wednesday
Yiorgos faciliatating
Chloe stacking
Alice previous minutes
Heather minuting

No journalists.

Alice reads previous minutes.
David speak to Scott Caruth – rolling AP re Glasgow Against Education Cuts meeting
Keith meeting 9pm today to sell booze – needing help
publicity working group here after meet.

Division +responsibility
other people’s food
tom’s letter
max staying
Day of strategy
fb group

Coalition of Resistance
Took letter from last meeting – needing backing from us. open organising meeting, copy handed round.
Publisied in sunday herald + internet.
P – we put our name to it – Tom – 3 abstentions. No Objections. Through.
Jo wrote an article for a magazine. See her if you want to read it.

Supplies – WG Volunteers
Yiorgos Actioning it himself outside meeting
A supplies WG set up Yiorgos + jonathan running it. see them to be involved.

Strathy cuts
Socilogy geog, music – demo next thursday. attend?
posters? – Me and Alice suggested
A/P Tom – will put it on facebook

Defence + door stone
Proposal – WG
Police in building

Door duty reinstated properly
Caroline – make everyone aware of what they do – what they can do without being arrested for, etc

Yiorgos – ‘zine mentioned, team building, collective defnece day
arrestable people staying overnight, etc. defence plan session. strategy day – made a point in the agenda.
A/P Alister, michael, etc in defence group.

A/P Defence WG – Heather make sure G happens. Talk to Michael.

Alister goes over what happened yday.


Next meeting friday 4-6 (Proposed and approved)

Informal Hierarchy
Antisocial Behaviour (drugs, etc)
Tom’s Letter
Max No. Of Nights staying
Day of strategy

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