Occupation meeting 16/5/11 minutes

1. Anti-cuts activity:

a) Glasgow Uni:

– Alistair suggests speaking to Sandra White and Mike Russell MSPs over situation at Glasgow Uni. Liam McCombes and Ryan will action.

– Demo on day the uni court votes through cuts – 22 June (tbc). Liam T to speak to ACAN, separate departmental campaigns etc to sort out demo.

– Need to keep up pressure ahead of 22 June – organise meeting to co-ordinate activity. Heather, Chloe and Alice to action. Start publicity around cuts issue again – focus on SMG bonuses as revealed today?

– Idea for days of action every Wednesday, or at least more than one day of action leading up to the vote in June. Utilise media contacts.

– Proposal that we have one day of action and see how it goes before deciding on more. Gave stalls/publicity/action each week, in order to build for 22 June, get momentum going on anti-cuts activity again. Have activity in Hetherington after to get people back here – PASSED. Sarah J to be point of contact. 12 noon suggested.

b) Strathclyde Uni – public meeting tomorrow in union at 5.30. Demo called for 26 May.

c) GlasgowAgainst Education Cuts – proposal to organise a GAEC meeting asap. David W to action

d) Coalition of Resistance – talk of setting up Coalition of Resistance in Glasgow, open letter has been initiated.

e) EIS/UCU have called lobby of Scottish Parly next Tuesday, 12.30.

2. Practical points

a) BakeSale– Chloe is point of contact

b) Glasgow Social Centre – have got a grant for clothes recycling project. Want FH to participate: PASSED.

c) Positive Suggestion Box – proposal for box of ‘suggestions’ to be brought up at occupation meetings. Ryan to action.

d) Projector bulb: should be bought, as agreed previously. Daniel and Alice to action, occupation will finance.

e) Money: despite donations we are losing money. Gap of £100 which is not explained in the ledger. Donations coming in are not sufficient to cover spending on even basics at current rate. Daniel proposes to buy food in bulk throughGreenCity(via GSC).  Need to put more emphasis on getting donations from people (esp. those who are eating at occupation). Future discussion needed on kitchen/money issues – call-out for proposals for future meetings.

f) Saturday meetings: Proposal to scrap Saturday occupation meetings. PASSED

3. Occupation issues

a) Grievance policy – Glen has written up a draft of a grievance policy. Lynsey proposed an occupation meeting on Tuesday 24/05/2011 to formalise a grievance policy. Grievance Procedure Working Group to meet in interim – email list to be managed by Glen.

b) Divisions in the space –

  • Proposal for another ‘getting to know you’ afternoon, similar to what Jo ran in the first week.
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