Zine fair at the FH!

Rejoice! A zine fair at the Free Hetherington! On June 2nd 2011, the upstairs space at the Free Hetherington will host the work of zinesters and indie publishers from Glasgow and beyond. Loads of zine genres will be on display and available to buy or swap: anarchist, feminist, queer, craft, culture-jamming, anti-consumerist, student activist, punk, environmentalist and more. We’re expecting tables from New Escapologist, Kleinzeit and the celebrated Lock Up Your Daughters. The event aims to get zinesters of all stripes together, to get some lovely radical ink onto Glaswegian fingertips, and to contribute to the occupation. Come along and see a nice cross-secion of the local zine-o-sphere and indie publishing experiments.

Get involved
Got a zine? Bring some copies down. Set up your own stall, or add a zine to an open table. Any format is welcome: zines, perzines, comics, mini-comics, print-on-demand, photocopies, independently-produced books, handmade publications, or holographic cybertracts from the future. We’d also love to have representation from distros, small book shops, libraries and organisations. Space will be prioritised for zines and indie publications, but also feel free to bring button badges, posters, patches, CDs, mixtapes and other cool things.

We have some material needs:
– Zines for sale or swap
– Indie publications: books, periodicals, pamphlets – Zine museums (personal collections of zines for display)
– Trestle tables (and other clever ways of displaying goods) We also have some legwork needs:
– Volunteers to design posters and fliers (there will be no ‘official’ poster, so go crazy)
– Volunteers to distribute posters and fliers
– Bloggers, Facebookers and Twitterers encouraged to shout about the event from the rooftops
– Owners of megaphones are encouraged to literally shout about the event from the rooftops

The event was set in motion by mad scientist Robert Wringham of New Escapologist magazine. To get involved or ask a question, just get in touch with Rob by email (r.wringham [at] gmail.com), Twitter or Facebook). Alternatively just show up and add your zine to one of the open tables. Here’s the official Facebook event page.


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One Response to Zine fair at the FH!

  1. Carson says:

    Super excited about this! 🙂

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