IN THE WAY: Free Hetherington Summer School

in the way
Summer School

27th June – 3rd July
at The Free Hetherington
(permanent occupied space at Glasgow University)

Facebook group for participants.
Extended article at New Left Project giving more detail.

1. Call for Participants (PDF Version: In The Way, Glasgow Free Hetherington Occupation Call)

We wanted to have a ‘radical’ thought summer school, but then we realized that we weren’t sure what the word meant any more, or who owned it.

Events in Glasgow, the UK, and further away (which feel closer than ever before) seem to have become strange, hopeful, defiant, violent, but are we still having fun? Are we still acting productively? Opportunities are opening up, but who is managing the crisis to their best advantage?

We need to get into this crisis, not out of it.

2. Call

We are calling for individuals or groups to participate in and curate a week of events and interventions in Glasgow, from groups or individuals working in any discursive, educational and/or struggle situation from around the country and overseas. We are looking for any writers, activists, thinkers, performers and artists who have a political aspect to their work. We encourage participants to be open about their political alignments. Key themes we might be interested in are (and which will form the basis for a series of themed days):

  • Education
  • Globalization
  • Space
  • Climate
  • Gender
  • Poverty
  • Violence
  • The return of the political

3. Contact

Please contact with questions, and to indicate your interest in the summer school.

0776 653 7259
or 0783 593 2677


The Free Hetherington
13 University Gardens,
G12 8QH


A week of: discussions, talks, workshops, performances, skill shares and actions. Timetable to be confirmed.


To stage an intervention into the debate on the reconfigurations of: politics, education and work. To further the consequences of the recent uprisings and the increase in politicization of our societies.


Precarious workers, academics/teachers/students, community groups, arts groups, campaigners and activists.


The Free Hetherington is currently the longest-running occupation of a UK university building in recent times, and was begun on the 1st February. An eviction was attempted on the 22nd of March by Police and University security, but the building was re-occupied. It has struggled with many questions: what is education? what is it for? what is appropriate action to take? is there an alternative to the University?


We can provide:

  • Free accommodation (please book).
  • Meeting attendees at train and bus stations.
  • Free evening meal each day (vegan).
  • Spaces: 60-70 capacity meeting room. Larger lecture spaces on request.
  • Projector, computer terminals, sound recording/replay equipment. If you have specialist needs please enquire.
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