Minutes – 4th May 2011

Meeting Minutes 04 May 2011
Minutes – CS
Facilitator – Anon
16 Attended

Publishing Minutes:

An area to be Set up on blog where we can publish minutes from meetings.

Individual actioning a proposal , minute taking, facilitating, to be named. Individual can request not to be named or name changed by saying so at start of meeting.

Actioned by – Alice

Enquiry Updates

People submitting to enquiry must ask permission of any one they name in submissions before submitting.

Testimonies from people who have been to the FHC to be gathered online via e-mail.

Enquiry working group? Meeting to be posted on FB.

Actioned by – Kate , John , Alice

Kate to be contact point – see poster in foyer for her contact details to get involved.

Off-Site Events: Unity

Letter sent commenting on our lack of numbers at gig set up to bring together movements in Glasgow.

Constructive criticism given with legitimate statements made.

Response to be made to Social Centre and Unity. Actioned by – Thomas


Skill Share? Working Group to come up with a policy or proposal. Action By – Alice, Thomas, Ewan, Kate.

Carey to be contact point – see poster in foyer for his contact details to get involved.

Spring Clean

Moving notice board into main room and walls to be de-cluttered. In one half of main room downstairs.

Designate one wall to information strictly related to Hetherington and events.
Rest of walls organised free for all. – Actioned by Saturday Clean Up


Get number of students who will be staying In Glasgow this summer. Sign up sheet down stairs. Actioned by – John

Inviting other anticuts groups to use the space?

More actions against cuts in city. Anticuts group?

Gordon Mckenzee

Gordon to be called by Kate to enquire about why he dropped. Action by – Kate


Set up FHC publication to be worked.

Anti Cuts Documentary Film Maker

Proposal – Spend 200 quid for new bulb for projector. Actioned by – ?

Proposal anticuts film to be shown before John Holloway at 20:30.


Workshop at coach house for composting

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