Day trip to London

A large Free Hetherington contingent headed to London last night to join the hundreds of thousands from all over UK to protest against the ideological attacks on the welfare state masked as “financial crisis cuts” despite us having the sixth biggest economy in the world.

At approx 2pm the Hetherington block reached parliament.

“We’re marching underneath Big Ben.  Been fantastic! Getting lots of positive comments about hetherington and lots of interest in it!”

“Just walked past Downing Street and along Whitehall.  Significantly less police all along Whitehall than the number that came to evict us on Tuesday. A disgrace.  Or a complement?  Perhaps we’re more important to the police than Downing ST?” 😉

3:15pm.  “Most of us now in Trafalgar Square”

4pm “It went well.  Marched with all the TUs, was brill”

4:20pm “just occupied Fortum and Masons.  A bottle of chamapagne was opened in celebration!”

(Above were from various different occupiers)

After the main march many GUOccupiers joined those directly challenging the violent minority bent on destroying the lives of millions by funneling yet more resources and power away from the majority and into the pockets of the few.  Fortnum and Mason was chosen as they are avoiding £40 million in tax, and are also a symbol of how rich this country really is, despite the propaganda we are fed.

Meanwhile 20 or so of us are watching live footage and cheering on the hundreds of thousands of you that have given up at least a day (and for those traveling from Scotland and other places, an overnight coach journey in each direction) to defend free healthcare, education and the basic needs of the most vulnerable people in this society.

Lots of reports from occupiers of a fun and positive atmosphere in London.  We’re proud of you all!

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