David Rovics and a mass meeting with management

Freedom of access in the senate building occupation was cut off earlier this evening.  Which sadly meant that as well as the folks who were wanting to join us, the food donations that were being brought were piling up below!  Including some rather good pizzas.  You’ll all be glad to hear that we managed in the end to smuggle it in by secret means – someone had a very cunning plan and it actually worked!

A bit later folks who’d previously been in were allowed back in, and David Rovics is now in the building as well!  I think he actually secretly enjoyed being bundled past security… 😉

All the while the huge majority of the occupation are in another room with uni management – after endless refusals to discuss the university cuts with students, and previous refusals to attend mass meetings, an occupation of senate has done the trick.

Direct action really does get the goods!

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7 Responses to David Rovics and a mass meeting with management

  1. Mercedes says:

    Well done everyone!

  2. FIGHT THE CUTS says:


  3. smithy says:

    80 police don’t just appear out of nowhere on a Tuesday morning. This was planned so there has obviously been some sort of collusion between the University Management, Campus Security and Strathclyde Police.

  4. DrunkenGaijin says:

    Well done Smithy for illustrating exactly why people can;t take the FHRC seriously. At first it was 20 police, then 40. By the time the meeting with the principal happened it had somehow jumped to 60 and now you’re saying 80. At this rate the entire police force will have been there by the next time someone makes a comment.
    A bit like the post eviction march which initially had 200 students but by the time the meeting came about multiplied to 600 somehow in the minds of the pro FHRC crowd.

    Not that it matters because you’re amazing people who run this blog won’t authorise this comment like they don’t authorise anything that critises them. Freedom of speech and democracy must be a wonderful thing for the people who are approved for it.

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