Free Hetherington Statement in response to events on the morning of Monday 07th March 2011

The Free Hetherington condemns the conduct of a small group of students that
took place around 3am on Monday 07th March. It is understood from
statements made by the Glasgow University Union (GUU) President that these
were GUU board members, and other members, who had been attending an
event at the union celebrating its recent elections.

We condemn the waste of public service funds that the call out of the Police and
the Fire Brigade represents, and especially the danger that these actions may
have placed members of the public in.

We appreciate the President’s open and formal statement of apology, and are
glad that the events are being taken seriously. The Free Hetherington will
provide all documentary materials in its possession to all University and
external bodies investigating the events.

In recent days and weeks groups of students associated with the GUU have
taken it upon themselves to lead a series of attacks on the Free Hetherington
and its ideals. The Free Hetherington is attempting to promote as best as
possible action against the current cuts at the University and further afield, and
this is a unnecessary distraction from these activities.This incident highlights the baseless moral high-ground constructed by such groups, and we believe does not reflect the pluralism of the GUU membership.

We also condemn the intimidation these events represent, especially the
aggressive and drunken indecent exposure to those within the building, which
is a domestic and public space. We also feel that ‘streaking’ is simply a
euphemism for indecent exposure, and should not be taken lightly.

We were disappointed to see that other issues occurring that night were not
addressed. Property of the occupation has been stolen, and was photographed
hanging from one of the towers of the Glasgow University Union. When
occupation members attempted to retrieve it, they had liquids thrown over
them and were subjected to verbal abuse. We are unsure why students were
given access to this location.

We hope to see the open apologies from the individuals involved in due course.
Yours sincerely,
The Free Hetherington

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