Thousands march against course cuts

Mass demonstrations hit Glasgow Uni today, as staff and students took to the streets to show their opposition to the cuts made public last week. With proposals at stake to axe nursing, social work, several modern languages, anthropology and the adult education department from the university entirely, the level of anger on campus has become palpable over the past few days. Few could have predicted quite the scale the demonstration would take today, however.

All in all around 2000 students, staff and supporters joined the march on campus, gathering outside the Free Hetherington at 12 noon. Many were on their first protest. Hundreds of languages students joined en bloc, witty-slogan placards in hand. Nursing students too proved to be one of the most vocal sections of the demo, even with many of them were unable to attend due to being on placement.

The march circled around the uni campus before descending on the main building, where the court meeting was taking place. Predictably, the goings-on inside saw the court agree to enter a ‘consultation’ period on the proposed cuts, which will take place over the next couple of months.

Outside, 2000 students rallied, hearing speakers from the affected faculties, local MSPs and staff members. A mass movement against the cuts is beginning to emerge at Glasgow University, and we want the Free Hetherington to be at its heart. With UCU members currently balloting for strike action, the coming months will be decisive in altering the course university management are intent on taking us down: their market-driven commercialised vision of education.

The fight is on.

MEDIA COVERAGE: STVBBC Scotland, The Guardian,

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5 Responses to Thousands march against course cuts

  1. Diotima says:

    Hehe, I was there – and I recognise that dreadlocked man in the second pic (front right, take a bow, JH).

    Yay for us! Staff and students united.

    A tiny quibble – at the beginning to quite rightly say that staff and students rallied (and, as staff, I know that there were a considerable number of us there), but in your last paragraph you omit the staff. Good for you for being one of the few reports to include we staff though. 🙂

  2. Carson says:

    Aye, was great to see so many staff there. And am liking the new “We support the UCU” chant. 🙂

  3. Duncan says:

    It was a fantastic demo on Wednesday, the biggest for decades. Mind you its not every day that they announce the closer of a large chunk of the University. I wish you all, good luck in your fight.
    You are free to use my pictures in your blog. All I ask is that you credit me ie put the words ‘Picture Duncan Brown’ below the picture of the demo outside the GUU and put a link to my Flickr site next to it

    In solidarity Duncan.

  4. Duncan says:

    I have asked you politely to credit me with my picture you used on your blog. But still you haven’t done so. So once again please place my name and a link to my website next to the picture above.
    In solidarity

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