Free Hetherington Blogging, clarifications


One of the strengths of the Free Hetherington over the past two weeks continues to be our diversity. Rather than needing to have a single line that everyone must stick to we have ongoing discussions, debates and cross-pollinations from people of different political perspectives, and none.

However there has been some confusion as to what this means when we post on the ‘Free Hetherington’ blog.

We have a process for making decisions, and this statement has come out of it, therefore it is an ‘official’ statement.

To clear this up more widely, we will now mark all articles either with:

Statement: these posts have been decided on democratically by the group.
Announcement: these posts inform people of events.
Opinion: these are posts that contain the opinion of individual guest-authors.

Thank you,

The Free Hetherington

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2 Responses to Free Hetherington Blogging, clarifications

  1. ceramadrama says:

    this seems like a good ‘offical’ idea.
    PS: I’ll be back soon after dissertation hand in!

  2. Keith Fyans says:

    Might I suggest changing the users for your workpress to “Statement”, “Announcement” & “Opinion”. That way when you make a post you can select who is the poster from those three options (rather than personal names) and it makes it crystal clear which is which type of post it is (eg: the above post would have read “Free Hetherington Blogging, clarifications Posted on February 15, 2011 by Statement”)

    Keep up the good work!

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