Sunday Poetry Open Mic Night

Event Announcement

After the success of last week’s open mic poetry, we decided to make it a regular event.  It now starts at 9pm on Sunday and will hopefully for as long as people are willing.  I was encouraged by the community spirit here to start an informal event where people would be encouraged without intimidation to read their own or their favourite poetry.  And it is not strictly limited to poetry: this week we had a short story, and some songs last week.

Everyone is encouraged to attend, to listen and to read.  We’ve seen a lot of new people, unused to the occupied space, attend the Sunday Night Poetry Open Mic, and it seems to be a great way of introducing new people to the community.

A poem for the Free Hetherington


Flyposters will be shot
Revived, strung up and flailed
Skin removed and testicles impaled
Eyes gouged out and left to rot

Disallowed from sight and sound
Found in an alley between the streets
The missing ankles, hands and feet
Decapitated and flung around

Illegal posters are not beautiful

Do not touch this worthwhile spot
Do not destroy our corporate landscape
With gaudy pictures ill hung with tape
I repeat:
Flyposters will be shot.

(I just typed this up.  This entire, awesome, post was written by David Lynch)

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