Events coming up this week

Lectures. Discussions. Workshops. Socials.  Film showings
“The Alternative University”

Sunday 13th February
4-7pm Kids Film Showing “Wall-E” Adults love it too!  Followed by
discussion on issues raised if the kids are up for it
7-10pm Poetry Open Mic Read your own or your favourite poetry.
Valentine’s Day Theme. Love! If you’ve got a special person to
dedicate a special poem to, bring along both! If, on the other hand,
you’re heart broken and ‘hate the word as [you] hate hell’, then bring
along a poem worthy of such afflictions. If you have neither, just
read it in a sensuous voice. 🙂

Monday 14th February
12:30 – 2pm Lecture “The psychology of will: Experimental perspectives
on free will and determinism”  Dr Rob Jenkins.  Senior lecturer in
2 – 4pm Workshop Knitting.  For learners, improvers or those that want
to click needles in company.
4 – 6pm Lecture “Medical Ethics”
7-10pm Film Showing “V Day – until the violence stops” A movement
against domestic violence
9-11pm Pub Quiz Nuff said!  (In downstairs space)

Tuesday 15th February
11am-1pm Lecture “The nature of the universe” Physics/philosophy/epistemology
1-2:30pm Film Showing and discussion “A politics of space” Urban
planning and architecture.
4-6pm Discussion “The art of university maintenance” (Downstairs space)
5-7pm Panel discussion “Ask a non Monogamist” Ethical non monogamy,
polyamory, open relationships.

Wednesday 16th February
6:30-8:30pm Lecture “The ethics of Direct Action” Dr Ben Franks.
Lecturer in Political and Social Philosophy
6pm onwards Social Vegan pancake dinner

Thursday 17th February
12-2pm Lecture “Mad women and boys with Huzzas: Public protest in 18th Century Scotland”
This lecture will examine a number of protests and riots in Scotland, including riots opposing the 1707 Union between England and Scotland, the 1725 Malt Tax riots in Glasgow, and the 1787 Glasgow weavers’ strike. The lecture will consider question such as who were the eighteenth-century crowd? How was the crowd represented in the pamphlet media of the time? And what role did women play in eighteenth-century public protest?
Dr Rosi Carr completed her PhD at Glasgow University in 2008, and lectured here in Scottish History. She was recently a Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Sheffield. She is a cultural historian, focussing on gender and specialising in the history of eighteenth-century Scotland. She is also an anarcha-feminist.

6-7pm Workshop “Life drawing class”

Friday 18th February
9pm Film showing “The Battle of Algiers”

Saturday 19th February
7:30pm Film showing and discussion “Occupation 101” Film about the
occupation of Palestine

Sunday 20th February
3:30-7pm Discussion and film showing “Anarcho-curiosity shoppe”
Ever found yourself inclined towards non hierarchical organisation but
too afraid to mention it to others?  Ever found yourself thinking
subversive thoughts but don’t know know what to do about it?  Then you
might be Anarcho-curious.  Come along and talk about it.  Introductory
Noam Chomsky film and then discussion.

The Free Hetherington, 13 University Gardens.  All events upstairs
unless stated otherwise.
New events being organised daily.  Please see website for up to date
details and to join our announcements email list.

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