Popular education, folk band, library and cake.

Arriving at the free Hetherington at 3, after a full day of lectures, I was greeted with smiles and a very welcome cup of tea.  I then joined some other postgrads in the wee mezzanine space for some seminar preparation.  At 4:30 I was told that a popular education workshop was about to start and I’m really glad I decided to take a study break to join them.  12 of us were treated to an awesome participatory workshop on “popular education in latin america” – it was my first taste and I hope that we’ll have more workshops by the same person in future.

As the workshop was finishing I heard what sounded like violins tuning up, and soon 2 fiddles and a guitar were treating us to some lovely folk music – apparently they used to use the club to practice in and I’m really happy they have decided to return.

The library was in need of tending, and that was probably the most productive thing I did today – we now have labelled, resorted shelves with dividers on the shelves.  Pop in and browse!

And what day at the free hetherington would be complete without the noms?  This eves dinner was chili and salad, followed by banana cake.

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