Important Announcement

An emergency meeting of the Glasgow University Anti-Cuts Action Network has been called in response to proposed cuts at this University. More information will be provided at the meeting. Now we finally see the implications of the austerity programme, not only at this University but across the country and across the world. We will not stand by while those in positions of power try to erode the proud tradition of education in Glasgow.

Glasgow University ACAN meeting, 4pm Tuesday 8th February. Upstairs @ the Free Hetherington.

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One Response to Important Announcement

  1. lorus says:

    Adult and Continuing Education at Glasgow University is under threat

    The Senior Management Group is proposing that the University Court ‘investigates’ whether Glasgow University’s adult and continuing education programme should continue to have a role in the university. If you think that it should continue to offer its broad range of courses (including ‘open’, access, CertHE degree level courses, and postgraduate, see ) then please write a letter of support by 15th February to:
    The Principal, Professor Anton Muscatelli, R453 Level 4, Principal’s Office, Main Building, Glasgow G12 8QQ
    Professor Anne Anderson, Head of the College of Social Sciences, Florentine House, Glasgow G12 8QF

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