Today at the Free Hetherington.

When you have an impromptu Egyptian revolution victory party it would be understandable if you had a wee sleep in on the Sunday morning. Not here.

Last night we agreed to hold the morning meeting at 10am sharp and by half past we had begun, armed with toast and strong coffee. A group was set up to make a banner for people to take to the solidarity with the Egyptian revolution demonstration in George Square this afternoon.

We were lucky enough to be visited by someone from Aberdeen who knows Arabic and wrote us “Goodbye Mubarak.” We were dead keen on the idea of having a message that people across the Arabic world can read and see that people here are supporting their struggle.

We ended up with one of the coolest banners ever. It’s got everything: silhouetted rioting, bilingual message, a beasting keffiyeh, signs that look like shovels, victory signs and now a hyperbolic blog.

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One Response to Today at the Free Hetherington.

  1. l says:

    this banner looks fantastic, it speaks outwards, it implies solidarity and it speaks of an international struggle.

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