A.L.Kennedy – Rectorship and Reading

A.L.Kennedy visited The Free Hetherington today to give a reading and talk about her bid to become Rector of Glasgow University.

Reading from her new book, Kennedy amused the audience before turning to more serious matters. Talking about her history of campaigning, her role as contributor at the Guardian, and her views on private sector involvement in higher education and other sectors, she put her case for election to the representative position of Rector.

Sarah, a first year student, said, “She talked interestingly and honestly and very much not like a politician. She clearly supports the occupation as well. She seems like a real person, like someone who has real experience and knows what it’s like to be in our position, facing cuts and uncertain futures.”

Elections for Rector will be held over the 21st-22nd February.

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One Response to A.L.Kennedy – Rectorship and Reading

  1. Richard says:

    Was a very good reading, but the wee chat I had with her afterwards about her research into the clairvoyant woo merchants of Glasgow was even more witty and interesting… I’m looking forward to the reading the novel now.

    A bright person, who’d make a better rector than some crappy party politician.

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